Math section tips in SAT exam

SAT Exam | Math section tips for best results

How to use elimination method in the math section of the SAT

In my previous post, I stated the obvious: preparation is key. Well, in the SAT exam, it makes a LOT of difference. Content knowledge alone cannot guarantee your success.

Since you have the fast-ticking clock of the SAT exam to contend with, you probably need a few tricks under your belt. During the math section of the SAT exam, you might face these scenarios:

  1. The zero-idea scenario.
  2. The partial idea scenario.
Math section tips in SAT exam

Zero Idea Scenario in the SAT exam

If possible, represent variables in the problem using real numbers (assuming you are unable to use algebra). Preferably, use integers between 1 and 5.

This might be helpful in eliminating at least one incorrect option. Most likely, you might be able to use this to select a second incorrect option.

You now have a 50% chance of being correct. If you come across a ‘zero idea question’ in the SAT exam, do not skip it. Take your chance.

Ensure that you do not spend more than 30 seconds answering each of such questions. Try this using the SAT practice module. 

How to prepare for SAT math exam

SAT Exam Partial Idea Scenario

You might be in this situation if you tried solving a math problem, but your answer is not listed among the options.

Knowing all math rules (angles, congruence, exponentials, etc.) is crucial in eliminating incorrect options during your SAT test.

I recommend Khan academy and College board websites as good resources to find free SAT practice tests.


Focus on finding the incorrect option rather than the correct option.

In my next post, I wIll discuss how to use the substitution method when answering questions in the math section of the SAT exam.

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