best SAT prep tutors in Maryland


SAT prep

For many high school students, getting into a reputable college is a major concern. Many ask: How can I distinguish myself from the crowd?

In my opinion, acing the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is your best opportunity to demonstrate that you are a solid candidate. Why do I say this?

College applicants present academic transcripts from different high schools/academic standards. As such, an ‘A’ grade in one school might be equivalent to a ‘B’ grade at another school.

Many colleges realize this and therefore rely on the SAT which is a common denominator to a large extent.

best SAT prep tutors in Maryland

So how do you scale the SAT exam? Over the next couple of weeks, I would share important information that would help with your SAT prep.

The SAT has 5 sections: Reading Comprehension (52 questions, 65 minutes, Math with calculator (58 questions, 80 minutes), Math without calculator, Sentence Revision (44 questions, 35 minutes) and optional essay (50 minutes). 

I cannot overemphasize the importance of proper preparation. Yes, it is possible to prepare the wrong way. I would share important tips you can apply right away to boost your SAT score. 

I would elaborate on:

  1. How to effectively use the elimination method.
  2. Cherry-picking questions.
  3. Rules for choosing answers in the sentence completion section.

And many more.

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