strategies for the SAT exam

Substitution & Elimination Strategies for the SAT Exam

In the reading section of the SAT, you would be required to select answer choices that could be used to replace a portion of a sentence or that best completes a blank.

Normally, you would just try out each word or pair of words to see which fits. You might however be faced with a situation where you do not know the meaning of a word or pair of words.

During your prep for the SAT exam, it is important that you master the 1000 most used SAT words. The more SAT words you know, the higher your chances of eliminating wrong options which might look like a good fit contextually.

strategies for SAT exam

When dealing with word pairs, target any word you are sure of its meaning. If one word does not fit, you can eliminate the entire pair. If you are however left with two answer choices containing word pairs that you do not know, try determining the root word by checking if the word has a prefix or suffix.

Another strategy is to determine its part of speech. If for instance, you figure out that the word is a verb, then it might be preceded by a noun and succeeded by an adverb.

In the math section of the SAT exam, some difficult questions can be tackled by placing each option into the question to see whether the question would remain logically consistent.

This is best done after using elimination and after you have answered all other questions you know in the entire section.

In conclusion, please remember that the golden rule for acing the sat exam remains this: practice. Explore the websites of Khan Academy and College Board for dozens of free SAT practice questions.

As you prepare for the math section of the SAT exam, ensure to take note of the topics you struggle with and consider if you want to invest time in a comprehensive review.

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