The cost of taking the AP exam

The cost of taking the AP exam

The cost of taking the AP exam

On May 5, 2015, the College Board announced changes to the AP program that included raising exam fees at most schools by $10. The new fee will be rolled out in three phases. Currently, the standard exam fee is $84 (or $114 at non-US test centers) with a school rebate of $9 per exam. In phase 1, beginning with AP exams given in 2016, the fees change to $94 for all AP exams. In phase 2 of the fee increase, beginning with 2019 AP exams taken by US students at non-US test centers, fees will rise to $124. The full phase 3 implementation will take place in 2023 when the fees will be raised to $154.

Students who reside in states that charge high exam fees will find a few strategies to consider to reduce the financial burden. States that offer additional funds or waivers might be able to lower some costs such as testing fees. A state-by-state breakdown of funding programs and free application services administered by the College Board can help you find information about your area. In the meantime, there are payment options available through College Board to help offset the cost of the exam, including fee reduction and fee waiver programs.

The cost of retaking a missed AP exam

I’ll be honest: If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you already know how much it costs to take the AP exam. But this article isn’t really for you. Nope — it’s for all those students who are about to be in sticker shock because they just found out that the price of an AP exam is more than $90.

The cost for a qualifying low-income student to take the exam in 2018 is $8.50, but other expenses can add up. A retest is $45, and schools that administer the exams are also required to pay computer maintenance costs.

The College Board recently changed the fee structure for late AP exam results after a student complained over having to pay a $45 fee because her two desired AP tests had conflicting dates. After that student’s story was picked up by the media, colleges such as Harvard and Princeton canceled that fee for students who miss tests due to circumstances beyond their control or those of their schools.

Charge for seeking refund

Tests cost money. Whether it’s for your state’s bar exam or a Spanish class, tests cost you money. If you are not planning on taking the AP test, make sure there is no charge to cancel your order. Sites such as Collegeboard can charge up to $15 if you decide not to take the exam, so make sure you check and see what the policies are.

Cost of sending scores to school

When the AP exam is over, you don’t want to think about paying. However, there are additional fees for submitting your scores to colleges after test day that are not included in the $93 exam registration fee. This article will cover what you need to know about fees charged for sending your test scores to colleges and universities.

When completing your test, you will have the option to indicate which college or university you want to submit your results to for free. It will cost $15 per score report, or $25 if you want it rushed, if you do not identify a school or want it sent to more than one school. Other fees you might encounter with score reports are fees associated with withholding scores, for rescoring, and receiving a free-response booklet.

For colleges and universities where you are applying, you might want to withhold some of your AP scores if you did not do too well on some of your tests. This service is offered by CollegeBoard at a cost of $10 per score and per college, plus $15 processing fee and $25 rush fee. The cost of cancelling your AP exam score is not applicable, but once the score is canceled, you will not have access to it. The score withholding service would be a better option than canceling your score completely since you have already paid for the exam.

It is possible to have the multiple-choice section rescored by hand if you believe your score is incorrect. Rescoring by hand costs $30.

The free-response booklet is available for $10 after the test. The booklet, however, is only what you wrote, with no comments or scores included.

AP Prep cost

If you wish to take any additional preparatory classes or use any other preparation materials not offered by your school, is that okay? AP prep costs will vary depending on several factors (in-person tutoring vs online), location, etc. If you however choose to self-study, you must be determined to go ‘all the way’. A wide range of self-study materials is available at significantly lower costs. Many AP self-study materials are available on Amazon for between $10 and $20 per book, and used books are even more affordable.

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